So, I’ve been thinking.

As far as I know, I have a whole summer ahead of me, days that can be full of reading the books that I have in my bookcase. Not that I won’t be hanging out with friends as well; I just want to get back into reading again. I miss being able to just pick up a book and spend a whole day reading, no matter how big the book was. I used to read at least three books at the same time, without feeling a headache or feeling overwhelmed by it. There are still a few books that I haven’t finished, books that I haven’t even started.

So, I guess what I’m saying is that I’m about to do what many other bloggers have done. Actually, you can argue that I’m taking a step back into my days in elementary and high school. I’m going to spend the summer reading books, and I’m going to write about them. I’m going to see if the books I have read are still as fresh as they were when I read them the first time, and I’m finally going to check out the books that I haven’t started/finished.

Let’s hope for the best then 😀


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