A note to book reviewers:

Have you ever come across an author who has told you that you can’t post a review of their book because it’s a negative (though still constructive) review?

Because that’s what this author is saying to me right now, and I don’t know if that’s a thing between reviewers and authors.


3 thoughts on “A note to book reviewers:

  1. I have never reviewed a book myself but I know that is definitely something that is NOT a thing between reviewers and authors. Yes it may be hard to hear negative comments about your work, but as a writer you should be prepared to hear them, and if they are constructive (as yours so kindly is) then accept them to. It is bad form as a writer to do otherwise, and foolish too. You do not grow from your successes, but from your failures. An author caught up on a negative review will not grow from it.

    • See, that’s what I thought.

      He responded to my review in a way that was odd, basically saying that my opinions were unfounded because of the book’s genre. Yeah, I was uncomfortable with the violence, the sexism, and the odd mix of misogyny/misandry (maybe even homophobia), but what really bothered me was the narrator. I could have lived with any of that, if the narrator had any depth to him; if he wasn’t an emotionless robot about everything going on around him.

      Sorry, I’m really new to this whole read and review thing. I wasn’t sure if I was doing anything right.

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