I’m thinking about joining Fiverr to make money.

My main gig would be proofreading and editing, of course. I’m just wondering if I should limit it to college essays or expand it to fiction, etc.? Thing is that there are a lot of proofreaders and editors on there already. I might need to expand to other gigs, just in case.

I had a Tarot deck once upon a time; used to do free readings too. If that becomes an option, though, I’ll need to re-learn everything about Tarot. And get another deck, because I need a better one.

Then I’d have to set up a means of payment, which means I might have to depend on Paypal. Not a  huge fan of that. I’ll see if I can use other venues.

But yeah, I want to set up an option where I can earn some money. Even if it’s five dollars, I’m willing to work for it.


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