Poetry Hour: “To My Late Queen,” and “Skin”

Ah, what a beautiful day! Let’s start it off with an old poem about madness and incest, shall we?

Okay, that does sound terrible, I’m not going to lie. But the story of Donkeyskin is terrible—terrible enough to be retold in two poems!

In my final project, there are a few poems that are intended to be read together, mostly because they come from the same narrative and are told in different perspectives (sometimes by the same character). This is because I had originally wanted to do two sections of the collection: one would be a collection of poems told from the “villain’s” point-of-view, or retell the classic confrontation between the protagonist and antagonist in a particular fairy tale. In the end, I was pressed for time and wasn’t able to include all the poems that I wanted to include. But I did keep some.

The poems “To My Late Queen,” and “Skin,” better titled as “Donkeyskin” (at least together), were two of them. They were also my first experiments in form poetry, which was both exciting and challenging! Personally, I’m happy with the result, but please tell me what you think. Thank you!



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