So, I survived the First Night.

And it was actually really terrifying. I mean, I knew it would creep me out, but oh my god.

Like, the character I’m playing is just sitting around in this damned room. I can’t move. I have no weapon, not even a taser or that club security guards (and police officers) carry. I look around, check either sides of the office. Keep checking the cameras. And throughout all of this, this other security guard (who used to work there) is basically informing me through recordings—very matter of fact, and nonchalant—that the place I’m currently working for is pretty insane.

No, seriously, who keeps a place like this open, knowing that the mascots can seriously hurt someone? (And worse?)

Anyway, throughout all this, I’m checking the cameras like crazy. I especially keep a sharp eye on that Pirate Cove, because I know that sneaky fox (or coyote, or whatever) is just waiting to run and devour me. Around two or three in the morning or so, the chicken and the bunny start walking around and doing their creep rounds. These two are so unnerving! Like, it’s different when you watch someone else play this game and go against them, and then actually seeing these two give you creepy stares. Then there’s often this flash of their faces—even when you’re not looking at them!—with an even freakier, “IT’S ME.”

God, I hate these two, probably even more than the Pirate.

Especially this one:

I really don’t like you.

Mascots aside, this game just has this atmosphere that really plays on your senses, especially your hearing. There will be moments where, in the silence, there will be the drone of the fan, the slow echo of footsteps, occasional music, and even some cruel laughter. I don’t know about you guys, but experiencing that made me feel so paranoid and shaky; it really heightened the experience for me.

Luckily though, I managed to make it to six in the morning without getting any jump scares. Yay! But I had to quit, ’cause I wasn’t ready for the second night. I just wasn’t. Maybe I’ll try it tomorrow. Maybe.

Overall, I like it. It terrifies me and makes me feel like a five year old still afraid of the dark, but I like it. I even like the story, especially all the little touches that silently reveal a backstory, even when you don’t notice it right away. The creators should be proud.


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