Well, it’s been a while: Job Update, Future Trips (with friends and family), and A Crazy Idea

So, I still have my job.

It’s still considered a temp job at the moment, but since I’ve been working here for nearly four months, I think it’s on a good track toward something permanent. January will really determine that, I think, because that’s when my company is going to move to another location–bigger office, more resources, and maybe even an updated database. I don’t know all the details yet about the new location and how things are going to be, but my coworkers seem to be looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to it too, so I hope that they will continue to keep me on.

Overall, that’s that on the job situation. Now, to the future!

Upcoming attractions: Two major trips.

One is going to be a four day vacation to National Harbor, Maryland for MAGFest 13. Yes, MAGFest–a festival dedicated to enjoyment of music and gaming (video games, card games, board games, and etc.). Have I mentioned that I like conventions and festivals? That I enjoy video games (and others) and anime as much as books and all that good stuff? I probably haven’t (at least, not on WordPress), so now you know! I can’t tell you too much details now, since this will be my first time going to it, but I will tell you that this trip will be big. I’m going with nearly forty more people, it’s going to be huge. Games will be played, social interaction will be had, and shenanigans will ensue. Definitely something to look forward to.

The second trip that I have lined up is a family one. The place we’re going to is not just outside New York, but outside of the United States, in general: Portugal. Lisbon, Portugal, if you really want to get specific.

In a way, this is a semi-sequel to another family trip we had earlier this year, to Rome, Italy. Yes, I went to Italy. It was beautiful, huge, and delicious. Yes, I say delicious. My family and I ate out a lot, and for good reason. (A lot of the places were expensive, but UNGH so good.) We also learned a lot, thanks to our lovely and informative tour guide. My baby cousins had a blast, even when they were fussing on the plane. My mom and dad were very pleased, since they rarely get to travel. I wish I could tell you more. We have hundreds of pictures saved of the trip, but we’re all still compiling them together–yes, even months later. It’s a lot. Rome was a lot. I could only wish I can do the place justice with words.

But yeah, come April, my family will be trekking all around Lisbon. We’ll be learning more history, taking more pictures, eating more food, and interacting with many of the locals. I can’t wait to go, though I will have to. Until then, we will be counting the days.

I wish I could go into more detail on these trips, but while they are one of the main things on my mind, I still have more to discuss.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I was an English Major. It seemed to be the field that made the most sense for someone like me. I loved books, and I loved writing about them (and writing in general). Math wasn’t something that interested me. Science was something I could only consume in small doses, not to the extent that a scientist could; I understood it, but I didn’t want to study it. Being an English Major was something that suited my interests and kept my focus.

Despite my major and the stereotypes that surround it (“What do you do, with a BA in English~?”), I had a plan. Arguably, a very rigid and set plan. I was going to go into publishing. I was going to become an editor or a proofreader, someone to help get a work of literature published. Perhaps I was going to write a book, or at least some short stories; something to keep people interested and leave my mark on the world. Being a teacher? No, that was for people with patience, for people looking to struggle in a life consisted of dealing with crappy parents, disruptive children, and a system that will likely pay you less than you deserve. This wasn’t the career I ever had in mind; even my mother had discouraged me against it (she’s a paraprofessional, so she’s often seen how shifty the world of teaching can be, at least in NYC). And I didn’t see how it could even be an option–after all, I had a plan.

Fast forward to now: I have graduated college. I’ve managed to land a job that will likely (hopefully) become permanent. I’m learning to save my money for the things I want, and the things I want to do. I’m not as social as I used to be, but I have some trips lined up. And, despite my previous rejections over it, I’m starting to consider becoming a teacher.

Yeah, it weirds me out too. I mean, I still want to become part of publishing…but it doesn’t feel like a career I can go into now. It feels a lot more like a long term goal; a star worth traveling for, but not without going through some asteroids and experiencing other galaxies. (I dunno, some weird bull like that.) And yes, I know that teaching is not the only alternative to what I want…but the more I spend time with kids like my little cousins, and even the kids I babysit, the more I feel like I can do it. And the more I feel I can do it, the more I anticipate it.

This isn’t an official thing. This is an idea that’s been brewing in my head for a while. But I’ve been looking into some Grad programs and even some teaching programs, and it actually interests me. I find that I honestly wouldn’t mind becoming a teacher–at least, for preschool kids. I wouldn’t mind that; in fact, I’d actually like it. I mean, I’d have to go through certain channels to get to that point…but it sounds worthwhile.

I dunno. Like I said, this isn’t official. I still want to think about it some more. I really like the idea though. So, we’ll see what happens with that.


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