Wow, new followers and people who like my post?

Thank you! I’m going to try being more active on this blog. Not only because I have little to nothing to do with my time, other than make sure my house doesn’t fall apart, but because it’s about time I start disciplining myself when it comes to writing. It’s going to be difficult, because habits die hard; but I will try.

So, I guess here’s a little updated version of the “About Me” page: Continue reading

Poetry Hour: “The Girl”


The Girl

This poem is taken from a final project I did before I graduated from College. It was a for my Poetry Workshop class, taught by the lovely Professor Nicole Cooley. It was inspired by that Fairy Tale class I took so long ago. Yeah, I know, you’re all tired of me and my love of fairy tales. Unfortunately, I’m not too tired of it all yet. Plus, doing this project got me back into writing again. I haven’t posted much of my stuff yet, but that’s mostly because it’s all scrawled in my notebooks.

Looking at it now, I’m not sure this poem is as good as I originally thought; but there’s always room for revision. I hope to post the rest of these in the next few weeks, and then move onto some weekly writing exercises. It’s time to make this blog functional again.

Please, tell me what you think! I mean, I’m not really a poet by trade, but feedback and constructive criticism would still be nice. Thank you!

There’s a really heavy feeling going through my house right now, and it makes things pretty difficult to sleep.

But I’m going to have to suck it up, because I managed to get a job for tomorrow! It’s a small one, but if things go well, I might be asked back. Which is good, because I could use the cash and the work.

So, regardless of all the feelings inside me and my family right now, I have to go to sleep. I can’t afford to get distracted.

But, before I do….

I think I am going to start an RP blog on here, or something.

There’s a story I’ve been wanting to write for a while, but I never found the right medium for it. I tried writing it in regular prose, but I couldn’t get to the pivotal part of the story. I tried writing a screenplay, and while that worked for a while, there is still so much I have to work on.

So, I think I will try to run the story on a blog.

I can’t promise that it will be good. In fact, it’s highly likely that it will be very inappropriate. But I still wanna give it a shot.

So, here goes, I guess.


Do you like reading? Are you interested in sharing this interest with children? Are you looking for a part-time job?

Nearly a year ago, I worked for an organization called ReServe Inc., a nonprofit organization whose interests lie in helping retired senior citizens continue to work and contribute to their community. One of the programs that they ran and have been running is the MS ExTRA program, where they are asking people to work part time as tutors for middle school children–including college graduates!

This program is open to everyone with a Bachelor’s Degree, but you must reside in and around New York City. ReServe is especially looking for tutors in the Far Rockaway area. If you are willing to travel to Far Rockaway to tutor, that will help also. The work will be about fifteen hours a week during the month of June.

Please click on the link below to see the flyer. On there will be a number to contact ReServe Inc., as well as other important information. Thank you, and I wish you all the best!

MS_ExTRA Flyer- 2014.1.27- updated version